“Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lately, the currents have lead to unexpected tangents, where thinking less and instinctively flying more is necessary. Hence, I have found freedom in the busiest days. I am busier than I have been in years actually, making the quiet moments blissfully and guiltlessly enjoyed.

The house is still this morning. Both boys are gone, the son is in Catalina on a school trip and the husband is in Florida on a business trip. The girl and I have giggled in delight knowing we have a whole week with just each other. So far we have read together, colored together, watched movies, played on the swing, talked about birds, watched them make nests (Mrs. Twitters you will meet later), and plan on making paper flowers. She should be at school today but a cold has kept her home, and between you and me, I am more than okay with that ;-).

I just finished reading Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep. If you are a Stephen King fan, you won’t be disappointed. His memoir On Writing is next but for now I am reading Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks, a random book picked up a few months ago. The author is a former teacher, a 3 time Moth storySlam winner, and a manager of a McDonalds. I love this author already.

Birds. You may or may not know I am captivated by them. I am slowly massaging my future as a full time birdwatcher, carefully listening to their calls, marking my bird book with the ones I have identified. I have a post in drafts all about the ones I’ve seen lately, and titled the post “Messengers”. I also, not every day but most days, draw from animal Medicine cards. These are my absolute favorite cards for daily inspiration and focus. Every single one I pull has something to teach me, and would you believe that most of the ones I pull are bird cards? It’s okay if you don’t. Sometimes I hardly believe it myself. Here is what I pulled this very morning:

The Hawk card is the messenger card, a card about being aware of the signals in our life–“to notice and receive them”. Sometimes coincidence isn’t enough.
A Robin couple has come back to nest at the house this Spring. Mr. Twitters (what we decided to call them) is who I met first. He has the face of an older, wiser Robin. He would sit on watch like a sentinel, his bright, orange chest puffed full and round, then circle the backyard onto the roof. He has beautiful markings don’t you think?

I realize now that the nest we had to move last year when the house was repainted was theirs. No matter, Mrs.Twitters began working quickly a few days ago in the exact same spot the old one was.


Remarkable, truly.

I hope you are able to follow some tangents today, just let them lead you to someplace unexpected. Sometimes, it almost feels like flying…

Much love to you on this Tuesday…



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  1. king was my first adult author, back in the dark ages of 1983 😉 bit disappointed in his mor recent works but as it’s been a long time since i dipped into it, i’ll take a look at Dr Sleep. On Writing Is worth a read if you like king and like wiring 😉

    i’m not a birder, yet strangely, my two biggest connections are with owls and crows. your cards are beautiful and, non-coincidentally, because we are beyond that now, yes? i have been looking at new cards, just yesterday.

    your tangents are some of my favourites. x

  2. i LOVE Stephen King — have done for decades. i haven’t read On Writing, though…i probably should. since we moved here i’ve become rather attuned to the birds — they are the penultimate messengers — and we are hard-wired, from an evolutionary standpoint, to notice them, but i suppose you knew that already ;). yesterday i saw that the swallows are back. therefore, despite today’s temperatures, it’s officially spring. xoxo

  3. Such a perfect word, tangent. I find myself too often either traveling in a straight line, or attempting to remain on the straight and narrow. This is a lovely reminder to wander, thank you!

    On the subject of birds, check out the Sibley Guide to birds. It is affectionately considered the bible of birders around the country. Also, if you are digitally inclined, check out eBird online. It allows you to track your bird sightings by location, and also allows you to see where other rare finds have been spotted in your area.

    I was never the big birder, buy my wife and son certainly are. It is amazing at the things you find hiding within the brush and trees when you take the opportunity to look. An interesting message not only for birders, but also for all other human beings circling the sun. May many happy tangents find their way into your world 😉

  4. I have that book on my shelf (on writing) and it’s on the list to be read. I have a little sparrow in a nest under my bedroom window, she sings to me in the morning and in the early evening and I love her so 🙂

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