Slow motion

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Passionate mama of 2 and a wife. I write, dance, and create whenever I can.

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  1. Lovely! Is that an ovenbird? It’s so good to have the migratory birds back – I am hearing PeeWees and Blue-headed Vireos, yippee! xo

    • Hey Mandy!
      No, I think it’s a Hermit Thrush, very similar markings though. I have had such a great time trying identify these birds. I don’t know what PeeWees and Blue-headed Vireos are but I am going to look them up!! Cheers…xo

  2. this entry made me pause and soak in the idea of slow motion. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and take life in. I love your eye on these pictures.

    • Thanks Tiff! I think we both need more slow motion in our lives. Thank you for your kind words and commenting!

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