It’s finally happening–the painstaking gaze from without to within. The simple pour that this thirsty soul has been begging for; the welcome tingle of blood flowing back to numbed skin.

It feels good to shed again.
Lifted by the spirits that surround me,
swept by the leaves that fell before me,
and re-awakened by the universe that carries me–
I am here.


October, October, god how I love October. She shook my bones and hollowed out the core. She gave to me by taking from me the materials that I sometime confuse as necessary. A new car damaged, an expensive camera lost, a windshield cracked, a vision obscured by nonsense. I have finally let them go and now I can see my own hands again.

And then there is this–this dark, beautiful package that arrived early in October.

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She is Cici and she is bountiful energy and unharnessed joy. She has given me gifts called “reminders” that things are never as heavy as they seem.

lastleaves octoberbarn oct.2

I’ve loved the autumn that Colorado has given us this year. October fades behind her colors, leaving only the scent of her natural shift. Renewed and re-spirited, a creative flow presses through with eagerness and might against the walls that have held her captive–a slow awakening on the edges of winter’s hibernating call.

Goodbye October, and thank you.


Happy Halloween and much love to you all…


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  1. Allow me to express my jealousy on several different fronts – the fall foliage, the crispness in the autumn air, the ebb and flow of seasons that continually provide us with a fresh perspective on life.

    I can feel the emotions through your words and images, MJ. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us, your readers, and Happy November to you 😉

  2. Hardships, but lessons to let go. I went from wanting to bloom to just wanting to flow. You have captured Autumn and her colors so beautifully. Going within does feel so good; I love your words.
    Cici is one lucky kitty :).

  3. love love love
    I too felt this way
    this time of year is when I blossom…it is when I feel the best within
    the colours, the transformation, the allowing, the flow into the season of death…sounds morbid, yet I so love it and relate to it

    thank you for sharing your beautiful words and images
    love to you M

    love and light

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