Tracing tracks


I know, it’s still summer, but the season’s permissive laze and daze has snuck out quietly and left us. Autumn’s invigorating breath has found her way into our mornings and soon I will don my fuzzy slippers, robe, and plan soups for dinner. Like many, we are into school schedules and events, after school chauffeuring, teacher meetings, Fall trips and volunteering. I look back and remember where we last left the hurry. Tracing the tracks we’ve left behind, I touch with fondness the moments that made these last few months memorable.

I started teaching dance at a beautiful studio a little over a month ago, not traditional dance like tap or ballet, but heart-centered, choreographed dances that pull from all styles to inspire soul, emotion, awareness and freedom. It’s a dance made for anyone and everyone, no formal experience required. This is the manifestation of a dream–to call myself a dancer and share my love of dance by teaching. “Inconceivable” is what I would have told you 10 years ago. Truth: The rules we live by in this world can often feel unyielding, but to challenge them, un-define and re-define them, we can surprise ourselves by becoming something completely unexpected. My choreography now unfolds on a wooden dance floor spilling from a well of creative freedom that I knew existed, but never tapped openly until now. Teaching, leading a class, and exposing my heart and creativity to be judged and used by others has brought me to challenge and question the necessity of old insecurities. I see it now and I find myself peeling again.


This month, in Issue 5 of Bella Grace Magazine, a piece I wrote was published. For a few weeks now I’ve let this soak in, and thoughts of my father have surfaced again. I am so different from the daughter he knew before he died 17 years ago, before I began healing, before I became wife and mother, before I began my climb out of the many shells that kept my soul hidden. Yet, somehow I know I am the woman he always knew I’d become. I use to resent the goals he once had for me, like the one where I would be an engineer or the one where I would go to military school, but I understand those really weren’t the dreams he had for me. What he wanted more than anything was that I just try for the things I wanted most, that I believe in myself, and find what true happiness is. And those dreams, Dad, have come true. Perhaps this joy is fleeting, perhaps the next big catastrophe is around the corner, but for today these tracks are very real, and they are, gratefully, all my own.


The last thing I wanted to share just happened this past weekend over Labor Day, our family’s camping and volunteering trip to a wolf sanctuary here in Colorado. I will write an entire post on how deeply this experience affected me. Wolves, truly, are one of the best teachers this earth could have ever graced us with. The problem is that generally wolves are seen as a threat to man and livestock and, by stories, movies, and misconceptions, thought to be mean, menacing, and aggressive animals. This is false and documentaries such as “Living With Wolves” and The Wolves of Yellowstone serve to educate those who will listen about the gentle and social nature of wolves, as well and their importance to our ecosystem. But this is only a micron of what I personally learned from meeting a wolf, and, as I look a little closer, flows not at all surprisingly with the undercurrent of my latest lessons on strength of character and how true we are to our spirit. This, I will share in a new post sooner than later, but for now, a glimpse…meet Zeab.


Much love to you


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  1. I just read your article in Bella Grace Magazine, was inspired by it, and came to your blog, which is also just as inspiring.

    I almost came to tears after reading the line…
    “I am so different from the daughter he knew before he died 17 years ago, before I began healing, before I became wife and mother, before I began my climb out of the many shells that kept my soul hidden. Yet, somehow I know I am the woman he always knew I’d become.”

    Very emotional, and captivating. Keep on writing!


  2. I read that part about your dad to my wife and couldn’t read it w/o choking up — a beautiful honourary piece f muse there. I came across your beautifully written article (Mining the Quiet) which I was also suggesting my wife read from the Bella grace magazine just bought yesterday. And now we discover you live only 45 mins away or so in Boulder!

    • Thank you so very much for your comment. To know that my words have touched others in the way that I felt them means so much. Cheers….

  3. I discovered your blog after reading your article in Bella Grace. (my new favorite magazine!) Thanks for the tips on “Mining the Quiet.” I need to do these things and I thank you for your beautiful writing and your ideas.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and compliments! I am thrilled to be a part of such a beautiful magazine. So nice to “meet” you!

  4. If you visit my site, you will see I try to live by the mantra – inspire and be inspired. Thank you MJ, for filling my inspirational well with your eloquently crafted words and heartfelt emotion.

    Sometimes, words have a way of touching you superficially. And, other rare occasions, they strike a very deep chord that resonate at your core. This is one of those occasions. Thank you – it’s only two words, but trust me, they convey so much more.

  5. I have not been online myself for sometime now but keep coming back to ‘fill the well’ from beautiful writings such as yours… I dreamed too of a free flowing dance class, I tried to get the yoga teacher to step aside from structure…sigh. I will be back to see where you are going… PS I’m visiting the US, never been before, just a few days in NYC…x

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