“The principle thing in this world is to keep one’s soul aloft.”
~ Gustav Flaubert ~


IMG_0541If I were to encapsulate my journey into self-healing and becoming a healer, what you would hear are real stories made with magic, kismet, serendipity and alchemy. My traditional schooling path began with occupational therapy and I accumulated years of experience working with babies, children, adults, elders, communities and families. This was only the beginning, and no where near the depth and intensity of learning waiting for me. No one comes to this work without a calling, and mine came gradually, hidden beneath layers of personal growth, pain, hard work, grace, and revelation. All relationships, events and paths I’ve crossed are part of this evolving wheel and for me to give back what I’ve learned is essential, if not necessary.

As a healer and End of Life Occupational Therapist, my role is to help explore fresh perspectives into life’s meaning, purpose, and desired goals. The people I work with are at all phases of their life, and seeking guidance and genuine reflection for emotional, physical, and spiritual self-healing. Sometimes there is grief, loss, pain, fear, and limiting beliefs–old, new, or ancestral, lodged in hidden parts of body, mind and spirit, preventing personal growth. Whether we are at end of life physically or not, opening up to our fears, and surrendering into–as my teacher says–“knowing we can’t do it wrong,” can offer a pathway to wholeness, vitality, gratitude, and joy.

In the last 30 years, I have accumulated experience and trainings in:

  • healing from addiction
  • healing from loss and grief
  • unwinding authoritative parenting styles and embracing peaceful parenting
  • processing, metabolizing and healing from limiting beliefs through movement, music and dancing, working with individuals and groups.
  • companioning the dying, their families, and providing death education
  • coaching the Best Three Months of Life Careplan for the dying and their families
  • grief group facilitation
  • creating and holding sacred community circles for self-healing, wholeness, personal growth, education, and like-minded curiosity.
  • Earth medicine practices based on Indigenous teachings, journeying, working with sacred tools, stone and animal guides
  • chakra clearing
  • Comfort Touch® acupressure
  • Creating sacred space and community circles
  • Creating ritual and ceremony for Rites of Passages, healings, and celebrations (ie. First Moon, Crone, Grief, Death)
  • Pure, active, grounded and reflective listening for anyone that needs sacred time, space, support, and guidance


  • Bachelor’s of Health Science in Occupational Therapy – University of Florida
    Nationally registered (NBCOT) and licensed in Colorado and Florida


Training and Volunteering

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  1. Dear lady,
    I really look forward to each of your posts – they have such beauty and depth…And your photos are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your soul with us :-).

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