Here and now, in the most defining roles of my life, I am first and foremost a mother of two and a wife. By devoting myself to the three beautiful people I call home, I have discovered an unfathomable capacity to love, forgive, and evolve. Life is good, and it is ugly, and to love it all in it’s variability is the challenge given to each of us from the start. Abundance awaits patiently on the hems of acceptance and awareness, all I need to do is remember.

Writing has been my one, consistent and true soft landing. Writing has kept me sane and conscious through the struggles and challenges that could have buried me. I write for joy and for pain, I write to remember, feel and understand, I write to connect with the depths of me that sometimes are unseeable through the shades of ego, fear, and insecurity. Wander Wonder Discover is a place where I escape into words, photographs, and dreaming. This is where creativity and learning merge together to help me embrace the present, question my own thinking or someone else’s, and expose my fears, challenges and triumphs. Here, I am vulnerable and joyous, seeking integrity with each intentional breath, and embracing humility when I don’t. This is where I reflect and meditate on life and gladly share it with you….

Welcome to my little dipping pool, I am so grateful you are here…




Wander Wonder Discover began here :).

3 thoughts on “about

  1. Dear lady,
    I really look forward to each of your posts – they have such beauty and depth…And your photos are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your soul with us :-).

I love your comments! Thank you so much for taking the time :).

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