My gifts lie in being able to listen wholeheartedly without judgement, and provide a safe space for individuals to discover what they need to find or maintain energy, wholeness and balance. This is different from a psychologist or counselor as I don’t try to “fix” anyone. Instead, I companion, reflect, and deeply listen, to help people connect to a more authentic version of who they are, and who they want to become. I help people find ways to self healing, purpose and meaning, self-confidence, freedom and even edgy wildness. I work with a variety of modalities, including but not limited to ritual, ceremony, Earth medicine practices and tools from shamanic and indigenous based teachings. I also work with movement, music, drumming, incorporating the somatosensory system. Healing comes from the willingness to be vulnerable, so I invite you to wander in, wonder, and discover your own truth, nature, and resolve.

As an end of life doula, I support individuals (and their families) in finding and fulfilling non-medical end of life needs. I offer space for conversation and education on death and dying, and coach individuals in finding meaning at any stage of life or death. 

I am able to coach individuals and families through the Best 3 Months of Life care plan, addressing various emotional, spiritual, practical, environmental, and legacy needs. End of Life Doulas do not replace hospice or medical care, but rather compliment and significantly add to what is traditionally offered. Please click here for more info.

Once a month, I offer wonderful gatherings to connect and discuss death, dying, end of life matters, grief, spirituality, death doulaship, workshops, film discussions and more. Click here for more info

One-on-one dance sessions to help connect with the body and emotions, release old stories stored in the body, explore beliefs that no longer serve (like “I can’t dance!”), and nurture freedom of movement, creativity, and joy . No prior experience necessary!


Please contact me for any questions…I’d love to hear from you.

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