I provide a beautiful, sacred, safe, and confidential space with one-on-one time for individuals to share, vent, release, reflect, consider, ponder, and question whatever might be occupying your mind. Perhaps it’s worry, confusion, anger, loss, grief, stress, or frustration. Perhaps there aren’t many others that have time to listen, or aren’t able to objectively listen. Perhaps a quiet space is just needed to clean and clear thoughts, and recharge before heading back to everyday life.

My gifts lie in being able to listen wholeheartedly, without judgement, giving you the space to discover what you need the most to keep energetically whole and balanced. I honor your being by giving you respectful attention, quiet presence, and if desired, reflections to what you feel, and think. I have no intent to fix as I believe emotional and spiritual healing comes from within. Sometimes we just need someone who can give us the time and space to help thread out what’s meaningful and what’s just noise. I invite you to wander in, wonder, and discover your own true beauty, nature, and resolve. 


$50 / Hour – One-hour session – (in person or video)

$175 – Four (4) One-hour sessions – (in person or video)

$350 / Month – Eight (8) one-hour sessions (in person or video)

Other Services:

As an end of life doula, I support individuals (and their families) in finding and fulfilling non-medical end of life needs. Needs can vary from practical matters such as help with managing appointment schedules and organizing paperwork, to spiritual matters in discussing death, planning funerals or end of life celebrations, to emotional needs such as processing grief and loss, to honoring and healing current relationships. As an End of Life guide, I also assist in creating Life Reviews such as videos, letters, or making gifts for family.

I am able to coach individuals and families through the Best 3 Months of Life care plan, addressing various emotional, spiritual, practical, environmental, and legacy needs. End of Life Doulas do not replace hospice or medical care, but rather compliment and significantly add to what is traditionally offered. Please visit the link above for further details.  Click here for more info.

Once a month, I offer wonderful gatherings to connect and discuss death, dying, end of life matters, grief, spirituality, death doulaship, workshops, film discussions and more. Please visit the link above for further details!  Click here for more info

One-on-one dance lessons to help connect with the body and emotions, release old stories that may be stored in the body, have fun and move!! No prior experience necessary!


Please contact me for payment options, availability and to learn more about my services.

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